Sale Condo Supalai Park Ekamai - Thonglor, good location

Condo Sale Supalai Park Ekkamai Thonglor, size 55 sqm 1 bedroom 1 bathroom 1 kitchen door digital lock, furniture from SB Furniture.

Furniture: Kitchen table, dining table set, sofa, Coffee table, cabinet and shelf, bed with mattress, wardrobe, dressing table, curtain
Facility: 2 air conditioners, TV, microwave, refrigerator, warm water
Sale Price 4,850,000 Baht 50/50 Transfer fee and Tax

Feel free any question 099 798 7916
Gorrakit Tungkatakul (Touch) Broker and Investment real estate
LineID: @touchestate69 , Email:
FB: @TouchAgent ,

Highlights of the project: High potential condominium Near BTS Ekamai Thonglor and Airport Rail Link Ramkhamhaeng Station. Outstanding energy saving design. Designed under the concept of Green Concept, creating a sense of closeness to nature. Supalai s Smart Design is a kitchen. Outdoor light and ventilation Relax with the open space of 74% of the modern style Tropicana with the facilities..

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