Noble Reflex for sale fully furnished 1 bedroom 64 sqm for sale near BTS Ari

NOBLE REFLEX for sale. 5-minute walk from BTS Ari (1 bed, 64sqm, 9,400,000 Baht)

The reflex of your eternity lifestyle
Noble Reflex conveniently located just within 250 m or 5-minute walk from Ari BTS station. Here, such perfect location offers convenience stores & supermarket, yummy food stalls, local street food, chic bars, and lifestyle shops.

Room Details
- 1 Bed and 1 bathroom
- Room area 64 sqm at floor 14
- Fully decorated
- Fully furnished with Gio home kitchen furniture.
- Transfer fee 50/50

Facilities included
- Swimming pool
- Fitness
- Garden
- Parking lots
- Common Lifts and Service Lifts
- Key card access
- 24 Hour Security guards, Access Control system and CCTV
For more information or viewing properties call or drop us inquiry at

Mobile 0830744662
Line ID kamenriderpaan

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9400000 บาท
โนเบิล รีเฟลกซ์ อารีย์
10 เดือนที่แล้ว (26 พ.ย. 2560, 05:49)